Alejandro Armas


Name: Alejandro Armas

Age: 34 years

Occupation: Photographer

Place: New York (USA)

Time in Don Juan: several visits

How did you know about Don Juan and A mano manaba?

Rut Roman and Esteban Ponce told me about their project in Don Juan, I went down to help them after they lost their house to the earthquake.

Tell us something about your experience in Don Juan, how did your contribution help?

It was a learning experience with the kids, I understood other ways of life.

Would you recommend this experience? Why?

Yes, because understanding the needs of others helps you understand social issues that are important to eliminate inequality of opportunity.

How would you describe the people in this community?

They are cheerful, kind and generous people who love to meet other people from different cultures.

What about the people who run this NGO?

Rut and Esteban are well trained Professors committed with a simple task: transplant the benefits of reading in this isolated corner of the country where it has never been valued or considered as a means of personal and social development.

What would you say to a future volunteer in Don Juan?

I would tell them to make a list of the talents and skills they can offer and decide what they want to teach and share with this community