There is a lot to be done in Don Juan. We just aren’t enough to take care of the library, sewing workshop, fundraising, keeping active in social media, organize educational, art, and health brigades… Much to be done, but it is all exciting and we do it surrounded by the warmth of the neighbors and a spectacular environment.

The volunteers that visit us immerse themselves in the Intercultural Program: Knowledge Exchange (read more). In other words, if you come to teach us how to sew, to recycle; if you can teach English or you want to start a theater group; in exchange for your knowledge the community will teach you: how to use the machete, artisanal forms of fishing, make yuca bread or fish cleaning. We believe that all knowledge is useful and deserves equal recognition and prestige.

A mano manaba means to be “a mano” (to be even), not to owe anyone any favors, to evade distances that create hierarchies, and above all: to work among friends. If you are interested in visiting Don Juan or you would like more information about our volunteer program in Ecuador, contact us via amanomanaba@gmail.com o click the button and fill up the form. We’ll get back to you pronto!

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