We have been awarded the
Library of Congress Literacy Award!

After two years of hard work, in conditions that were challenging but always surrounded by friends, volunteers and the enthusiasm of children and neighbors, A mano Manaba Library has received a very important distinction.

The Library of Congress of the United States of America annually confers recognition to the best library practices of fifteen libraries around the world. This recognition validates FAMM’s effort to create a safe, welcoming and literate environment in the middle of a small fishing village with very low levels of school performance and literacy.

Thank you very much to the Library of Congress and to all those who have contributed with their effort, dedication and friendship throughout these years. This prize belongs to everyone!


A mano Manaba Intercultural Center


Thanks to the donations of our friends, the A mano Manaba Intercultural Center (CIAMM) is finally a reality. This precious construction of bamboo and wood has become an inclusive and ample roof for a great library, with more than 4.000 titles, and is hosting a large amount of cultural activities: reading classes and school reinforcement, training for teachers, the project “A Day in the Library”, taekondo classes, exchange of traditional knowledge, artistic and cultural workshops, neighborhood meetings, feminist bingos, etc. The CIAMM has become the cultural heart of our beloved Don Juan.

Now we need to continue supporting the programs and scale A mano Manaba Foundation impact to other nearby towns in the Jama county. That’s why we need your help, you can make your contribution through Global Giving and continue giving hope!

A mano Manaba Foundation

In Manabí, social dynamics can be summed up as such: A “manaba” (a native of Manabí)  won’t be at ease until he has returned a favor. And that way, once we are even (“a mano”), we move forward hand by hand (“de la mano”). Our name reflects upon social mores in Manabí where neighbors are compelled to  return a received favor in order to be even or “a mano” from then on, we  move forward on a mutual helping hand dynamic.

A mano Manaba foundation has devoted itself to create a culture of collaboration among the residents of Don Juan. We opened up a space in the middle of a small fishing village in northern Manabí to offer formal and informal educational programs, to provide spaces where neighbors can meet to discuss their common problems and possible solutions, and to invite instructors and teachers that recognize and value the potential for intercultural endeavors.

We are rebuilding life after the earthquake through the strengthening of the manabita culture, its ancestral knowledge, and the appreciation of its natural and cultural environment for the full development of its future potential.

We were designated as a “vetted organization” by the crowdfunding website GlobalGiving together with Randi Randi, an organization that offered us their institutional assistance for our first fundraising campaign on the site.



Would you like to know the manaba culture and give a hand in a community project? Tell us what you can do and come to know Don Juan as a volunteer!