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A mano Manaba


Since the 2016 earthquake cultural and communal activity in Don Juan has never stopped. Our neighbors get together to discuss and decide topics that affect them. They organize activities or to simply share stories and gossip under shaded cover. In spite of this, we don´t have with a specific place to gather. Some neighbors improvise a small place on their front doors or sidewalks.  This is the reason why A mano manaba, along with the community is stern on the construction of an Intercultural Center that can host cultural and community activities in Don Juan.

We have received a plot of 300 square meters; we have a house plan designed by architects from Quito that combines local wood and bamboo with state of the art seismic resistant technology.  The Center will host a Library, workshops and training areas, meeting spaces, kitchen with ancestral manabita oven, climate controlled storage, volunteer suite and restrooms.

The Intercultural Center will offer the community spaces for:

  • Library with several programs: homework assistance, remedial reading, recreation, arts, reading club.
  • Jumpstart local initiative that can lead to entrepreneurship or productive ventures.
  • Meeting space for debate, discusion and citizen participation.
  • Training workshops in arts, trades and crafts incorporating local material like bamboo, mate, and coconut fiber.
  • Oral tradition gatherings and training.
  • Leadership training, community organization and strengthening of the social fabric.
  • Teacher training programs
  • Support and promotion of the ancestral culture of Manabí through academic research and artistic or educational projects bonded with the intercultural knowledge exchange.