Lily Hindy


Nombre: Lily Hindy

Edad: 33 años


Lugar: New York (Estados Unidos)

Tiempo en Don Juan: 1 mes en 5 visitas

¿Cómo conociste Don Juan y el proyecto de A mano Manaba?

Rut Roman & Esteban Ponce are my in-laws (and dear friends!)

¿Cómo fue tu experiencia en Don Juan? ¿En qué colaboraste?

I have been coming to Don Juan about once a year since 2013 and the community has always been very welcoming (especially at my first New Year’s party in the town square!) and kind. The beaches are wonderful and placid. I was heartbroken to see how many people lost their homes in the 2016 earthquake and how both children and adults were affected psychologically. Since then I’ve helped distribute post-quake donations to the community, spent time with the children at the library, and have raised awareness and funds from the U.S. to help A mano manaba.

¿Recomendarías la experiencia? ¿Por qué?

I highly recommend the experience for anyone who wants to learn more about the traditions of a Manabita fishing village, or wants some experience working on children’s literacy in both Spanish and English, while also spending quality time relaxing on the beach, swimming in the Pacific, eating fresh ceviche, and exploring the unique ecosystem. Rut is highly motivated and organized and will make sure your skills are employed in a helpful way for the community!

¿Qué te parecen las personas de la comunidad?

They are friendly and respectful, interested in talking to foreigners and proud of their village and their culture.

¿Y las que llevan adelante la ONG?

Rut and Esteban are very dedicated to their community of Don Juan and seem truly at home working with their neighbors to help everyone recover and come out stronger after the earthquake. They are full of new ideas and great at bringing in new people to help wherever they can.

¿Qué le dirías una persona que se está planteando visitar Don Juan como voluntario?

Be ready to work. There is a lot to be done!