2018: What a great year!


2018 Was amazing! Nov 27 2018

Dear volunteers of A Mano Manaba, your cooperation was exemplary and beyond the expected.

2018 has been an amazing year for us and you were instrumental in making it happen. When you left the comfort of your home and came all the way to Don Juan to help us move, organize, start and keep going, you did something really great! With your skillful volunteering, and those fellow volunteers that came before or after you, A mano manaba continues offering reading remedial programs; homework assistance; English classes in the local school; Tae-won-do for girls, photography workshops; arts; sports and crafts. Because of you, the most vulnerable population in this tiny village is grown strong and heightening their self-esteem. Because of you, we have been granted a 2018 Literacy Award from the Library of Congress in Washing D.C. We will mention your priceless contribution in the ceremony in D.C. on January 2019.

Today we want to start up a cluster of volunteers of A mano manaba, a sisterhood of sorts, with all of you that have made this possible. We do understand that your lives go on after Don Juan, and that you may not have the time to join, feel free to leave the group if you cannot make it.

On this occasion we want to invite you to join us on the crowdfunding campaign that we will be running today Tuesday November 27th. This is a very important date for us, Global Giving will be matching funds during 24 hours starting 00 Easter time on Tuesday November 27th. As you know, from our conversations in A Mano Manaba we want to tread the dirt roads that will take us to other tiny villages in cantón Jama to share the successful programs that are already running in Don Juan. This is why we need to raise money to buy a secondhand Jeep to haul a Library wagon that we have received. Please prepare a brief message and send it out today November 27th- Share some pictures of your truly amazing commitment with the children of Don Juan and help us get your social media on board with our dreams for Don Juan.

if you could help us broaden our base of supporters by letting your social media, contacts, family, friends and colleagues know about your collaboration with A Mano Manaba and our work together we believe we will be successful.


Please ask your contacts to honor your laudatory SUPPORT TO THIS IMPORTANT WORK by joining and replicating this REQUEST FOR SUPPORT

We are sure that if you include a paragraph along the lines of:

"I know A mano manaba, I volunteered with them on xxx, they are for real, they are doing what they say they would, and I want to keep on supporting their great project. Please DONATE TODAY NOVEMBER 27th, today your contribution will be met 100% on a matching fund campaign".

DONATE: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/library-bus-for-northern-manabi-coast-ecuador/