Allies of A Mano Manaba

Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion

Universidad Catolica Bahia

CEIBA Foundation is the future of knowledge and transformation through Science, Technology and Innovation.<br> 

Festival Afro - Montuvio, the festival is 3 days and 2 nights of music, theater, oral tradition, dance, circus arts, talks, and workshops.

The Escuela Comunitaria Nueva Esperanza in San Vicente, Manabi, Ecuador is a community learning space in Puerto Cabuyal. 

La Linterna is an Ecuadorian non-profit social project that offers cultural workshops for the youth of the town of Puerto Engabao in the province of Guayas, on the coast of Ecuador. With these workshops they want to give the youth the opportunity to discover new forms of expression and creativity, as well as the possibility to explore their environment and cultural identity.<br>