Research Programs

Academic research for teachers

Are you an academic staff member looking for a publication during your professional career? Fundación A mano manaba (FAMM) in Don Juan is at your disposal.

FAMM offers academics, especially university professors, the opportunity to conduct their research in the territory of Don Juan, Manabí in Ecuador. By doing your research work in our organisation, you will be in direct contact with the Ecuadorian culture. You will meet the inhabitants of this beautiful fishing village, which will allow you to experience and participate in the life of the community. You will also be able to take part in discussion groups and focus groups made up of local people, whether women, young people or men.

Most importantly, FAMM, through years of operating in this sector, has created a relationship with local families, youth and children. The research that can be carried out in Don Juan ranges from social to environmental sciences. The researcher can rely on pre-established relationships with the logistical support of a Study Centre with internet, computers, cameras, plus contacts with local young people who can act as research assistants. These research programmes will provide an outlet for local people to help them where possible.

You can also count on the support and help of FAMM members who hold a PhD (Rut Román, Esteban Ponce Ortiz, Maja Jeranko). Finally, you will have the experience of working with a recognised organisation that works with children to empower women and girls towards gender equality and environmental awareness.

At FAMM we offer two types of accommodation. You can choose to live with a local family or in the library, which is the heart of FAMM, both of which are located in the village. Living in our village will allow you to experience life on the Ecuadorian coast and discover a different everyday life.

By doing your research work with our organisation, you will be in direct contact with the Ecuadorian culture, with the people of this beautiful fishing village, which will allow you to live and participate in the life of the community.

Requirements :

  • Present the topic of your research.
  • Commit, at the end of your work, to socialise the results of your research.
  • Have an intermediate B1 level in Spanish.
  • To carry out your own household chores.
  • Commit to the agreed payments for the services received.
  • Provide a copy of their criminal record.

 What is included :

  • Room
  • Three meals a day (in the library will be prepared by you).
  • Washing machine.
  • Donation to the organisation.
  • Transport from the airport to Don Juan.

Not included:

  • Your own health insurance.
  • Your own health insurance.
  • Other personal expenses.

Living in the library:

It is possible to watch the video of the presentation of "Living in the Library" -->

Living with a family :

If you have any questions, you can contact us and if you are interested in the research programme, you can register through this form:

Contact: Maja Jeranko, PhD