Some suggested - but not indispensable - parameters for these internships:

Knowledge in :

* Education

*Social Sciences


We are looking for people, at least 23 years old or with previous experience with children, to be part of our organisation, we need people with an intermediate level of Spanish, B1. We will sign an agreement with your university or school, an agreement will be established between the three parties: your school, the organisation and you. We need to know what requirements you have to fulfil during this internship; how many hours of work you have to do. Before you come, it is essential that you know and sign the A Mano Manaba volunteer handbook. Since we are dealing with children, we need to make sure of your personality, references and even police record.

Whether you live with a local family, or at the FAMM library you will receive:

What is included:

  • Room
  • Three meals a day (at the library they will be prepared by you)
  • Donation to the organisation
  • Transport from the airport to Don Juan

Not included:

  • Your own health insurance
  • Your own health insurance
  • Household chores
  • Other personal expenses
  • Living in the library

Living in the library  

Do you have any questions? You can contact us

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