What we do

A Liberating Library

All A mano manaba programs have a clear gender focus. Our intention is to empower girls and women through education and culture to better negotiate their subalternity conditions within the patriarchal structure that submits them.

The library has a bibliographic collection of more than 5,000 titles and counting. A good part of the catalog is aimed at valuing one's own and reading and writing as tools for building healthy self-esteem in the Don Juan community. The new library also promotes other activities and projects such as homework assistance; remedial reading; teacher training for rural teachers of the Jama Canton and the "a day in the Library" program, which brings, once a week a class from the the local School to the Library.

A mano manaba Library attends between 80 and 100 boys and girls a week in the library, a number that continues to increase. Girls have priority and privilege in all programs.

Gender Equality

Don Juan is a small fishing village on the coast of Ecuador, still untouched by massive tourism, its simple lifestyle sways to the rhythm of the sea tide. Children, especially boys, run along the beach along with birds and stray dogs; while their mothers and sisters stay at home. Behind the surface of this idyllic landscape there are two things that are not expected to be seen: an ominous current of patriarchal domination that manifests itself in domestic violence; teenage pregnancy and child abuse; and its counterpart: a bamboo building that houses the Children's Library with 5,000 books, computers, games and resources to empower girls and women so that they can unsettle female submission to this traditional environment.

The Children's Library is run by the A mano manaba Foundation, a registered NGO. which strives to improve the lives of girls and women on the north coast of Ecuador. The main purpose of all our educational programs is to empower young girls and women who, we believe, are the motor of change in gender inequality that marginalized their mothers. With your monthly contribution we can continue programs such as: reading remediation, a day at the Library, sports, art, environmental sciences. And, what is more, if you decide to join us, your support will allow us to start a program of Performative Arts and sports for girls: "Our bodies; our house". Through dance classes, acting, soccer, basketball, girls will shape their identity, acquiring agency over their silhouettes, controlling their body boundaries and channeling their power to decide what kind of life they want to lead.

Within five years, having nurtured these girls with resources such as reading comprehension; environmental science; English; mathematics; sports; We hope to see the arts thrive, we hope to see them go to college, or open a business, or take the leadership of the community. Above all, we hope to see them build caring and respectful affections like yours with which you help us to form them.

This is my body

Physical and performative activities support children so that they can appropriate their body, set their own limits and exercise their right to decide on it.

The Library offers activities of Tae Won Do, soccer for girls, Theater, Bailoterapia and ... with your help Dance.

The Library in Don Juan, with all its formal and informal educational programs. It offers alternatives for neighbors and children who are learning, through example and experience, how to grow together in a respectful, kind and encouraging way.

Library Bus

The Mobile Library is an extension of the Don Juan library service. Some neighboring communities have come to ask for support when starting their library initiatives. We deliver resources and services to 5 other coastal communities in the Jama canton: El Cruce, La División, Estero Seco, Tasaste, Tabuga.

The Mobile Library is a resource that allows us to share brigades and educational campaigns focused on the areas of health, community leadership, conservation and sustainability, and local organization and identity.

Teacher training 

The teachers of the Jama Canton schools always seek to improve their pedagogical skills. Through this program, A mano manaba, through an agreement with the Ministry of Education, intervenes in the local School to work with teachers in updating and training activities.

The teachers of the Bartolomé de las Casas de Don Juan School visit the UASB at the end of their training course.

Do you want to help us?

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  1. Support the operation of the Bibliobus so that the A Mano Manaba library reaches many more children. go to our Donate now!

  2. Donate books and teaching materials. We appreciate first reading books in very good condition. Call our volunteers in Quito 593 992649206.

Come and lend us a hand

Register as a volunteer in the Interculturality Program: Knowledge exchange, to support school assignments or the active reading program, we also need support to perform activities such as capoeira, theater, painting, acrobatics, etc ... Find us like "A Children´s Library by the beach" at Workaway