A mano Manaba gets Global Giving certification


Last December, the campaign for the Biblio-bus of A mano Manaba that Randi Randi Group Corporation sponsored, was awarded the "Vetted Organization" certification by Global Giving. This is the first and largest collective financing organization in the world. After the efforts made, this certification allows FAMM to offer its partners and donors a safe, fast and efficient system of donations through the Randi Randi Group.

 Global Giving is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 that makes it possible for local organizations around the world to have access to the financing, tools, training and support they need to be more effective and make this world a better place to live. These are some figures that support the work of Global Giving since its foundation.

Achieving the "Vetted Organization" certification is not easy. GlobalGiving tests each community organization to ensure that transparent and responsible work is being carried out, and that all legal requirements demanded by local governments are met. For this, they carry out an exhaustive compilation and review of the legal documents, financial records, program materials and human resources, in order to validate the organization that is executing the project. Its ability to implement the activities it carries out and its accountability tools are also evaluated. 

In addition, to achieve the "Vetted Organization" certification, aspiring organizations must pass the Open Challenge or the Accelerator. That is, they must successfully raise around $ 5,000 from 40 donors in a specific period of time. Once the certificate has been obtained, organizations must submit quarterly reports, including activities, achievements and results; which are made available to donors and the general public so they can see how their donation is being used.

A mano Manaba was able to raise more than $ 8,000 in just two weeks, making it one of the organizations participating in the Open Challenge with the best results. And all this is thanks to you, who continue to believe that culture is a tool capable of building a better world. For that, thank you very much everyone, from the heart! 

Keep making this project a reality. Collaborate with Hand Manaba!