«Chi-Vaz» brings theater to Don Juan


On Saturday, September 16, Ruben Darío Romero, and a group of young theater performers from the scenic "Chi-Vaz" movement in Portoviejo, arrived in Don Juan with the scenic proposal "The Queen of Terrible Genius". 

The function was offered on the sports field with the assistance of adults, youth and children of Don Juan and Bellavista. The play stages the perverse conditions on which authoritarianism is sustained. After the function, the clinical psychologists Maria Fernando Porras and Daniela Alvarado held discussion groups with the women of Don Juan about similar situations that are projected in everyday life. Several women were very interested in maintaining this process. 

This meeting was held within the framework of the program to strengthen Human Rights among the most vulnerable population; program funded by the European Union through CEOSC. 

The program will continue next month with the visit of Fredy Reyes of the La Trinchera group who will present the monologue «Lone fish» that discusses femicide. And then the meeting with clinical psychologists will take place.