«Crónicas de un Terremoto» is presented in Don Juan


On August 15, after the official launch in Quito on July 28, María Espinosa presented the book Chronicles of an Earthquake in Don Juan. This publication collects the testimonies of different actors related to the quake 7.8 that struck Manabí on April 16, 2016. The purpose of this «Choir of Voices» is to gather in a book the different perspectives of a catastrophic event.

The authors of the book (Verónica Falconí, María Espinosa, Alejandra Gómez and others) selected different actors linked to that event: eyewitnesses, rescuers, volunteers, political managers, community managers, among others. This plurality of perspectives offers readers the possibility of approaching the Jama canton and the effect that the catastrophe of April 16 had as a phenomenon that must be studied and remembered from multiple angles. 

The edition includes high quality photographs and testimonies, both of the direct events of the earthquake and its immediate and medium-term consequences, as well as many of the projections about the future of Don Juan, the Jama and Manabí canton.