Medical brigade with Metrofraternidad


On March 4th a group of volunteers from Metrofraternidad (a partner NGO of the prestigious private Hospital Metropolitano in Quito) with the logistic support of A mano manaba and the community carried out a medical brigade in Don Juan. From distant villages of Jama canton families arrived to the little school in Don Juan to receive medical assistance. During one day the medical doctors were able to assist 213 patients in various clinical specialties.

  • General practice: 68 consultations
  • Gynecology: 26 consultations
  • Pediatrics: 48 consultations
  • Endocrinology: 15 consultations
  • Psychology: 4 consultations
  • Dermatology: 46 consultations
  • Small surgeries: 5 interventions

Along with medical consultations the Brigade offered two conferences that were very well attended by the community. Sebastian Larrea, Psychologist talked about violence and human rights while Francisco Lopez, Gynecologist talked with young people about sexual transmitted diseases. Around 60 neighbors of the community attended.

A mano Manaba is deeply appreciative of the warmth and professionalism of all the members of the Metrofraternidad Brigade: Santiago Carrasco, Francisco López, Wendy Vaca, José Castro, Gabriela Saa, Edith Marroquín, Macarena Nuñez, Samantha Cevallos, Carmen Vásconez, Marcelo Vélez, Mónika de Zayas, Jazmid Atarihuana and Juan Sebastián Larrea.