Fabric aerobatics workshop in Don Juan


During the months of December, January and February Fabián Ramírez, a Colombian volunteer lived and worked in Don Juan. Among the many knowledge that Fabian brought was the acrobatics on canvas. In the afternoon, amid the dazzling greenery of the Manaite winter, Fabian, his girlfriend Jenna and the children gathered under the cool shadow of the great samán that stands behind the school. They hung a long red cloth, did some yoga to prepare the body and focus the mind (this was the most challenging part for children who never stop!).

 Fabian made the first demonstration of how to wrap the fabric around one foot, while, holding on to it, he hoisted his entire body upwards. The movement is fluid and natural in an acrobat, because it has been trained for years and, indeed, it is fluid and natural in the children of Don Juan because his childhood passes between the trees, the beach and the sea; Their bodies are strong and do not know the rigidity. Anita, a very silent girl, was the star of the first session, and since then went to all the hours of acrobatics workshop on canvas. It is so cool to see the moment when a girl finds herself possessing a talent that, until then we knew she existed.