Your kind support reaches far and beyond


Dear Donor, friend of Fundación A mano manaba (FAMM). Hopefully, these words find you in the midst of the calm and discretion necessary in these unprecedented days and weeks in the social life of the entire planet.

I am writing to thank you for your generosity during the GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign on March 6 -13th and for accompanying us in the strengthening of our Library and Intercultural Center. This was our first time to participate in the Girl Fund and thanks to the diligent enthusiasm of our volunteers, in addition to raising $5,806 we were able to expand our donor base by 50% and we have acquired important experience for future campaigns.

At the end of the first stage of the campaign we placed sixth among 250 participating organizations and this was made possible because of your response and contribution, so Thank you!

Reaching sixth place was an important achievement, especially if we compare the size of Fundación A mano manaba FAMM's organizational structure with that of most other finalist organizations. In the second stage of this competition, the 15 organizations that obtained the largest number of donors had to choose the 6 organizations that would accompany the first 2 that had already secured the bonus offered by GlobalGiving. During this second stage there was a discussion among the 15 on a a private GlobalGiving page on Facebook.

Unfortunately, we were not chosen among the six voted to receive the bonus. We believe that the small size of our organization and the limitations of our technological resources and promotional material did not work in our favor. Now in the midst of the imminent needs of the present pandemic, we want you to know that the funds raised are going to be crucial to sustain the current programs and to extend our support to other girls and members of the Don Juan and Jama community.

Temporarily we are working behind closed doors of the Library due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are still active in Don Juan, supporting the neighbors in their weekly purchases, helping the elderly collect their monthly bonuses and delivering previously disinfected reading material, to the homes of our users. We are also preparing readings and other activities that will be shared by virtual means on our social networks.

We hope that, in a few weeks, we will be able, gradually and according to official regulations, to reopen our reading, art and sports programs to empower girls and women in the north of Manabi that all of you so generously support. We say goodbye with the solidarity and affection that unites us in all our efforts to improve our earthly home

Rut Román

Fundación A mano manaba FAMM President